Jane is experienced in both in-person and online mediations, and is flexible as to how she conducts pre-mediation conferences, document provision (cloud is preferred) and the mediation itself.

As a mediator, Jane seeks to provide an empathetic service but one which is grounded in realistic and pragmatic solutions. With her long experience in litigation she can provide parties with the ability to review their expectations and to rethink their approach to their disputes.

As a mediator, Jane Needham SC is a leader in the field. As background to the process, she brings to the table her own long and high level experience in litigation, as well as the gravitas and respect that attach to her many exemplary achievements and awards within the law. As a highly effective mediator, Jane is able to establish rapport with each and every person in the room, whether they be commercial entities or initially distrustful and distressed family members, and to connect and build trust and confidence. Jane also recognises that mediations are about more than technical legal outcomes, and is able to engage with parties to resolve their disputes in creative and respectful ways to achieve outcomes that parties feel they can own. In all of this, Jane epitomises the best of what I look for in a mediator, and more.

Hayley Bennett, Barrister, New Chambers