Collaborative Practice

Jane Needham SC completed her core skills training in collaborative practice for wills and estates in July 2022, and the Advanced Skills in early 2023. She is available as a facilitator/coach for the collaborative process.

Collaborative Practice is a well-established method in family law of resolving disputes while maintaining personal and family relationships, and working together, instead of adversarially, to settle disputes. It is a method which is particularly well-suited to succession planning (pre-death) and estate disputes (post-death) where the parties are potentially able, with the assistance of trained professionals, to work together and have not yet taken adversarial positions.

Learn more about collaborative practice here.

Jane is a member of Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals. She is able to recommend trusted practitioners in this area (including neutral financial practitioners to assist in the process).

If you are a collaborative practice professional, you may book an initial conference with Jane (with the other side’s consent) to discuss whether your dispute may be suitable to undertake with Jane as facilitator/coach. Generally any fees for this initial meeting are included in the fee if Jane is retained to assist in the dispute, but please discuss this prior to the meeting.

Please contact Jane via her assistant or +61(0)2 9335 3045 if you wish to discuss Jane representing parties in collaborative practice.

For more information about disputes which may be suited to collaborative practice, or to discuss Jane’s availability to assist in the process, please contact Belinda Anderson belinda.anderson@` or +61(0)2 9335 3045.