Jane Needham SC – mediator and collaborative practitioner

Jane Needham SC is available as a mediator or collaborative practitioner for a range of disputes.

Jane’s dispute resolution skills come to the fore in situations which require taking in a range of complex issues and dealing with them with tact and discretion. Her experience in inquests, inquiries, and Royal Commissions have honed her skills in dealing with people who have suffered significant trauma. She led the Bar Association as its President through a time of change and this, along with her 30+ years of litigation experience at the Bar, gives her a valuable ability to connect to people in times of stress.

Jane has significant mediation experience. She completed the IAMA (now Resolution Institute) course in 2009 and since then has undertaken mediations in a wide variety of matters, including probate and family provision claims, confidential workplace matters for NSW State government departments, and for the Department of Primary Industries in matters involving disputes between landowners and mining companies.

In 2022 she undertook further dispute-resolution training, including becoming certified in collaborative practice, with a focus on wills and estates. In 2023 and 2024 she will be focusing mainly on her mediation practice, due to the family dynamics of having two HSC students in the house (another element which has contributed to her dispute resolution skillset).

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